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Staying Cool, The Southern Way

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Staying Cool, The Southern Way

We're breezing into summer with these warm weather hacks from an adopted Southern sister, a third-generation Savannah belle, and a Gulf Shore wellness guru to help us escape the seasonal heat. 


Chelsea Shaddix
Mandarin Oriental Atlanta, Assistant Director of Spa and Wellness

“I love to stay refreshed and hydrated with a daily antioxidant-rich smoothie, made of frozen berries, fresh coconut, pineapple and mixed greens. It’s a healthy, fulfilling treat that I thoroughly enjoy and only takes a few minutes to prepare!”

Chelsea Shaddix is a veteran spa professional. Her expertise in the spa industry has played a critical role in creating Atlanta’s Most Indulgent Day Spa, as voted by the Atlantan Magazine.


Ashley Stamoulis
SuthinGirl, founder

“As a fair-skinned, redhead who grew up on an island off the coast of Savannah, avoiding a sunburn often meant a thick coat of zinc oxide and a hot, long-sleeved, cotton t-shirt. (Fans herself just thinking about it.) Thank heavens for ZAGS, the Charleston, SC maker of silky microfiber sun wear that’s wicking, cooling and UPF 50+! It truly works, girls...and it’s CUTE! A ZAGS bandeau — to protect your forehead and neck.“

Ashley Stamoulis is the founder of SuthinGirl, a lifestyle brand celebrating the South, and the SUTHINSTYLE BOX, a seasonal selection of southern style curated by SUTHINGIRL.


Dana Wood
Florida Beauty Problems, Founder

“I'm all about towels - teensy, even teensier and almost microscopic. When I'm playing tennis, I deploy a DIY "ice towel." Sure, I could buy the one Serena Williams uses, but why not make my own? I just grab one of my all-white hand towels, which I buy in bulk from Target, douse it in ice water, wring it out, and wear it around my neck for a game or two until I cool down. Throughout the rest of my day, I rely on a huge array of wipes. I don't wear a ton of makeup, so I'll just swipe facial grime and shine with a wipe and re-apply a few dabs of "war paint." (One of my current faves: Yes to Cotton Comforting Facial Wipes. The addictive scent? Swoon.) And because humidity is heat's evil twin, I use paper towels to shut down frizz after I shampoo. Per every top hairstylist I know, paper roughs-up the "cuticle" a little less than regular towels. Vive les calm hair cuticles!" 

Dana Wood is a three-time Beauty Director for W, Cookie and Brides, and has written for numerous other national publications. Currently, she splits her time between commercial and editorial work, and writes a lot for The Wall Street Journal and Alexa, the New York Post’s luxury fashion + beauty section.