where it all started

The Sapelo Skin Care Story

Our Story

Sapelo Skin Care's luxurious collection of natural products blend emerging discoveries in the science of skin rejuvenation with a tradition of gentle Southern beauty philosophies. 


Our Inspiration

That wash of the tides is essential and in Savannah, the founders of Sapelo Skin Care have been paying attention—to rivers and creeks that swell with high tides twice each day.


Southern Beauty Philosophy

Our founders discovered that popular anti-aging solutions such as dermabrasion, micro-needling and chemical peels damage and injure the skin through heat, cutting, abrasions, punctures, or burns.

what we discovered...

Results Driven Science

Sapelo challenges the dogma of contemporary skin care solutions which claim retinols and hydroxyl acids are the gold standard for skin regeneration and anti-aging.

How It Works