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    Time Changes Your Skin

    Sapelo naturally restores without harming your complexion, imparting a more youthful, beautiful appearance.



    Meets Southern Wisdom


    The Future of Anti-Aging Skin Care

    Healing, natural ingredients that restore your skin to optimal health



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    Blog posts

    • January 25, 2021 Stop Counting and Start Celebrating!
      Stop Counting and Start Celebrating!

      Written by: Stephanie Duttenhaver

      When Cindy and I started researching skin physiology in 2010, we discovered the importance of face serums. At that time, face creams were my ‘standard of care’. A little in the morning before make-up and a little at night before bed. But I didn’t understand the essential role that a serum plays especially when applied before a cream.

    • January 08, 2021 Beauty in Bloom with Flower Magazine
      Beauty in Bloom with Flower Magazine

      Written by Terri Robertson, Digital Media Manager, Flower Magazine

      Taking a note from Mother Nature and good sense—and backing it up with science—the luxury skin care company born of the Savannah tides is redefining aging gracefully. 

    • October 27, 2020 Hormonal milestones & your skin
      Hormonal milestones & your skin

      Written by: A. Joseph Edwards III, M.D. 

      As a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist, I have witnessed and treated the many hormonal milestones a woman experiences throughout her life span. As we age, our biological systems slow, skin becomes thinner, there is a decrease of volume and wrinkles become more evident. The diminished estrogen results in loss of elastin, collagen & hyaluronic acid.


    • September 04, 2020 Co-founder talks candidly about her favorite product
      Co-founder talks candidly about her favorite product

      Written by: Cindy Edwards

      Quickly approaching a milestone birthday with all of the “ups and downs” and emotions that occasion seems to bring, I looked around didn’t like the choices available to slow down the clock.