Broken Beauty Standards

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We all strive to meet beauty standards, but let’s be honest: You’ve started to see creases in your forehead, and your skin doesn’t look as bright and lively as it once did. In a panic to maintain your youth, you turn to procedures like botox, acid peels and laser therapy to mend what feels broken.

But, are those procedures actually rejuvenating your skin the way you think they are? Dr. John Duttenhaver, a Harvard-trained, practicing Radiation Oncologist from Atlanta with 30+ years of experience in his field, would say definitely not.

“In 2012 my wife, Stephanie, asked me how acid peels and laser therapy to the face can be healthy and helpful when they both involve causing second degree burns,” said Dr.  Duttenhaver. “I laughed and said that was a great question; because as a Radiation Oncologist, when I create a second degree burn, it is considered a complication.”

Today’s consumers are being told that skin injury is the “golden standard” of skin care. Well, ladies and gentlemen, all that glitters is not gold! What you have been told is flawed. And we are here to prove it (with the help of our resident MD).

Tactics like chemical peels and laser treatments have become the “medical gospel” after years of being passed down from medical specialists. But, at the end of the day, it is never healthy to burn your skin. PERIOD. Even the subtle retinoid and alpha hydroxyl acid-based creams and lotions, which help in the short-term, can cause significant damage to your skin essentially undoing the good you think you’re doing.

Ask yourself this question — why do we feel pain? For one simple reason: to protect ourselves from harm. If it hurts or burns, your body is alerting you to STOP. For a clearer explanation on why we experience pain, read this article written by Diana Rodriguez.

So, why would medical experts across the globe sell these tactics and products with their stamp of approval? According to Dr. Duttenhaver, there is some “good” that comes from these procedures that doctors use to justify the negatives. “It turns out that when the skin is injured, whether from the sun’s UV radiation, laser or acid burns, or daily acid-based creams, the body’s immune system kicks into repair mode. The white blood cells migrate to the injury where they release a cascade of molecules we call cytokines, that stimulate the repair process.”

To spare you the details, the end result of this repair process is the replication of new healthy skin with collagen and elastin. Win-win, right? Unfortunately, wrong. Every cell line in the human body, INCLUDING SKIN CELLS, have a limit to how much damage they can sustain and how much repair capacity each cell line has. To put it more simply, modern skin care based on inducing injury to recruit repair, is actually ACCELERATING skin aging...not anti-aging as we have been told.

Sapelo Skin Care

So, where does Sapelo fit into all of this? Sapelo developed a product that mimics the body’s immune response to injury, but without furthering skin damage. Through research and asking the right questions, we were able to find a way to replicate those cytokines released by the white blood cells and combine that with all-natural antioxidants and micronutrients. Thus, actual skin rejuvenation takes place.

There is a better way to obtain the skin you desire. Sapelo truly works in the anti-aging injury necessary.  Next time you are grasping at straws when it comes to caring for your skin, don’t opt for the harmful, ineffective treatments. Try something that will make you look and feel beautiful -- try Sapelo.

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