Healing & Anti-Aging Have A Lot In Common

Our approach is to heal and regenerate the skin without causing inflammation. 

Researching the science behind common clinical skin rejuvenation strategies, we learned that these strategies induced ‘controlled inflammation’ - an immune system response to injury. Sapelo developed a 2-step regimen that replicates this response but without the resulting inflammation. 

Microneedling, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, lasers, RF therapy and retinoids create controlled inflammation which initiates an immune system response in your skin. This response is your body’s natural healing mechanism. The result: your body releases a prolific cascade of healing molecules to repair the injury sustained by your skin...  


Sapelo Skin Care replicates this natural curative response process.


Renewing Serum + Rejuvenating Cream -  twice daily regimen that reduces inflammation and accelerates healing. 

Skin has an enormous capacity to repair, but that capacity is not unlimited. Chronic inflammation accelerates the decline in the skin’s ability to regenerate. Sapelo stops inflammaging by working with nature to promote healthy reproduction of skin cells. Our system penetrates deep into the dermis, working with daughter cells, to reduce stress on your skin’s recovery from the intrinsic and extrinsic forces on aging. The regimen stimulates the metabolic activity of the daughter cells to become more prolific – your skin is plumper, thicker and glowing – the true features of healthy skin. Used twice daily, your complexion will experience sustained optimal health and appearance. 

Simple, natural & restorative skin care System

step one

Our Renewing Serum - water-based serum floods the skin, opening the channels in the extracellular matrix to quickly deliver a deeply penetrating blend of cell-stimulating growth factors and micro-nutrients required for healthy skin rejuvenation. The serum, a synergistic breakthrough that utilizes two plant-based stem cells, hydrates your skin, plumping the skin and preparing it for application of our luxurious cream.

STEP two

Our Rejuvenating Cream - now that your skin is ultra-hydrated, our luxurious cream melts into your skin like butter. A rich blend of 65 potent ingredients including five powerful peptides, vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, hyaluronic acids, and ceramides that work together leaving your skin as soft and supple as it was in your youth. The face cream, infused with the highest quality and the highest quantity of ingredients, has no harsh skin-burning ingredients.


Sapelo is the perfect partner for post-clinical healing and correcting. Our products provide the ideal environment for your skin to thrive. Formulated by a renowned chemist and a team of physicians, Sapelo shortens the healing interval of clinical treatments and reduces the inflammatory response. Disciplined and prolonged use continues to trigger the immune system response cascade to ensure sustained, optimal health and the youthful appearance of skin. 

Reduce Inflammation and Accelerate Rejuvenation

At Sapelo, we acknowledge the improvement to skin after resurfacing procedures and retinoid use, and we embrace the body's natural ability to repair. Our unique technology adopts this capacity for rejuvenation without damaging our delicate complexions.

Sapelo is the only skin care system that accurately replicates the body’s immune response and works in harmony with the body’s regenerative power.

Our products infuse the same bioactive peptides, vitamins, minerals, and other healing molecules, which are produced by our immune system in response to injury. Skin is daily stimulated to gently heal and renew.

Sapelo Skin Care is the perfect daily ritual for healthy skin rejuvenation and healing and rejuvenation are key factors in beautiful, healthy skin.

Natural Ingredients

Our product ingredients are always the highest quality and highest concentration recommended by scientific validation. We merge contemporary research with traditional remedies to create a skin care line that gently rejuvenates damaged skin. Our product line blends Southern botanical and marine extracts, such as gardenia stem cells, magnolia oil extract and oyster shell extract, with cutting-edge biological ingredients, like bioactive cell-communicating peptides. Guided by physicians and a master cosmetic scientist, we understand that healthy skin rejuvenation requires active cellular reproduction and adequate hydration. Our products improve collagen, elastin and skin density by stimulating healthy skin formation and mimicking the body's own natural healing process. The result is skin that looks and feels younger.

All made in small batches in Savannah, Georgia.

A Unique scientific regimen developed outside the lines of traditional skin care. Sapelo does not damage the skin or initiate inflammation. We replicate our body’s natural healing mechanism to injury.