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Sapelo Skin Care is a luxurious collection of natural products that blend emerging discoveries in the science of skin rejuvenation with a tradition of Southern beauty philosophies. Inspired by the twice-daily tides off the coastal Georgia barrier islands, Sapelo products deliver a surge of nourishment, hydration and age-defying bioactivity to initiate healthy cell development. The result is an exclusive boutique line of products and treatment protocols, unique because they restore without first damaging your skin. Infused with Southern-inspired ingredients: Magnolia oil, Gardenia stem cells, Sea Lavender oil, Seaweed, Oyster shell calcium and Georgia honey, Sapelo replicates the body’s immune response with a gentle cascade of biologically active peptides, vitamins and micronutrients that rejuvenate skin cells.

Challenging the Status Quo

Skin damaging dermatological procedures are mainstream and accepted as a common practice for long-term skin care. Consider laser treatments, RF therapy, micro-needling, collagen pens, dermabrasions, and acid peels. They all deliver some level of injury to your skin with the result of recruiting your immune system response to heal the ensuing damage. In addition, most skin care brands generously infuse their products with retinoids and other acids that result in a ‘daily burn’ to your complexion. Simply put, today’s anti-aging skincare strategies were created to harm the skin in order to initiate repair. They are only differentiated by the amount and severity of the injury incurred.
Skin has an enormous capacity to repair, but that capacity is not unlimited. Chronic inflammation accelerates the decline in the skin’s ability to regenerate, leading to skin cell senescence (the loss of its power of division and growth).
Sapelo Skin Care provides a scientific system that combines natural ingredients which work together by mimicking the skin’s immune system response to injury but WITHOUT the injury.

Sapelo Skin Care

Behind the Brand

Our Unique Selling Point

Our approach is to heal and regenerate the skin without causing any injury. Our daily skin care regimens and luxurious treatment protocols offer long-term, anti-aging solutions for beautiful skin. Our products work with nature, deep in the facial dermis, to promote healthy reproduction of skin cells that actually thicken and work to realign the skin to youthful suppleness.
Sapelo’s innovative system mimics the body’s response to injury by topically delivering a healing cascade of molecules that replicate our body’s immune system response. Our products do not create injury or inflammation. The result: skin that is healed and repaired with increased collagen, elastin, fibroblasts and skin cell density.
Our treatment protocols leave skin soft and luminous — ready for a night out or a special event.
Sapelo Skin Care is manufactured in a laboratory in Savannah, Georgia. The lab has been in operation for over 30 years and is managed and operated by veteran cosmetic scientists. Each batch of Sapelo is produced with the highest attention to detail for exceptional quality.




Pure Radiance

The Sapelo Pure Radiance Facial brings about skin renewal through gentle encouragement…and a bit of radical relaxation.

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