Spring Rejuvenation with Real Results

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When I first discovered the peer-reviewed, clinical results of the unfertilized salmon roe – the central ingredient in our Spring Tide Serum – I was astounded! 

  • 350% increase in collagen
  • 120% increase in elastin
  • 32% reduction in fine lines
  • 31% improvement in hydration due to hyaluronic acid secretion
  • 27% improvement in skin pigmentation
  • 21% improvement in skin redness
  • 6% improvement in brightness
  • 0% adverse skin reactions

These scientific results are a game changer for healthy skin rejuvenation, especially for those of us over the age of 45 – an age when we have lost approximately 40% of our natural ability to produce collagen. 

Spring Tide Serum


At Sapelo, our philosophy is grounded in naturally and gently restoring skin, not irritating and damaging skin with retinoid acids and harsh procedures. Understandably, we were intrigued by this organic and natural ingredient that worked safely to regenerate and heal wounded skin. The scientific team, based in Norway, had developed an ingredient that represented a true advance in skincare technology. We started making phone calls to their chief scientist to discover if this revolutionary ingredient could be shipped to our laboratory in Savannah for R & D of a new transformative skin care product. 

We marveled at the efficacy of the marine extract whose bio-activity (having an effect on your skin tissue) is derived of natural active fatty acids, vitamins, proteins, minerals, peptides and free amino acids that boost skin cell activity and increases cell motility (the ability to move through non-muscle cells).


 Arctic Red Caviar

Wow! Have I got your attention?

After months of trial and error, we finally achieved a rich and silky serum with a perfect pH that immediately soaks into skin. We closely followed the recommendations of Phase II trials and developed our formulation on the studies from the 5% concentration – the highest amount tested for its amazing efficacy.

How to add Spring Tide Serum into your beauty routine

Most of our customers fall in love with the creamy, rich serum and eventually add it as a staple to their evening routine. Best applied between Step 1‘s Renewing Serum and Step 2’s Rejuvenating Cream, we like to call it Step 1.5.

Because of its consistency, a creamy elixir, the serum is the perfect stand-alone product, especially useful for busy women who need a quick and effective skin care product. It can be incorporated into any skin care routine or with other skin care brands, and like any serum, should be applied before an oil-based product like a cream or oil.

When to apply?

If applying only once a day, PM is best. Our bodies repair at night and that is no different for collagen and elastin renewal. Sleep and rest are wonderful therapies for our mind and body, and the bio-actives properties in our Spring Tide Serum promote even greater skin rejuvenation while we are at rest.


Spring Tide Serum

 Photo credit: Kelli Boyd Photography

But ever the one to drive our chemist for bigger and better results, I asked, “How do we get twice the results? I want more!” He calmly looked at me and said quite logically, “Stephanie, just use it twice a day.” Need I say more?

If you are looking for a product that has proven science behind it, watch this video for more information. You will feel an instant softening and bounce to your skin – and I won’t be surprised if you become hooked, like me, and use our Spring Tide Serum twice a day! 


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