The Science Behind Spring Tide Serum

Clinically-proven active ingredient in Spring Tide Serum

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Sapelo Skin Care enlisted Dr. Gry Eriksson to explain, in layman’s terms, the clinically proven science behind the collagen and elastin building ingredient in their Spring Tide Serum. Her exciting research explains how unfertilized salmon eggs from the nutrient rich coast of Norway, activates skin cells to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.  
Sapelo Skin Care’s Spring Tide Serum contains the most effective collagen booster on the market, without any side effects; an extract of unfertilized salmon eggs from a sustainable source. This ‘Arctic Red Caviar’ is tested for collagen production in skin cells, to assure that the user receives a highly bio-active collagen boosting product.

By Dr. Gry Lønne Eriksson, Chief Scientific Officer, Regenics AS, Oslo, Norway

Collagens have, for good reason, received much attention in the anti-aging segment of cosmetics as it is scientifically shown that the classic features of aging skin such as fine lines and wrinkles are strongly connected to the quantity and quality of collagen in the skin1. Upon aging, collagen production and secretion from skin fibroblasts in the dermis layer of the skin is reduced.

The collagen family consists of many subtypes that are distributed throughout the body; the subtype most crucial for keeping skin young and firm is collagen 1. Several research groups worldwide have demonstrated that production of the collagen 1 subtype from the skin cells called fibroblasts diminish drastically with aging. Levels decrease by 68% in intact old skin (80+ yo) versus young skin (18-29 yo)2. Decreased collagen secretion from fibroblasts in the dermis, results in a degraded extracellular matrix and consequently a thinner dermis and reduced elasticity of the skin. To restore the dermis, new collagen fibers are needed.



So, how can collagen levels in the dermis be increased? Sapelo’s Spring Tide Serum contains Arctic Red Caviar that has a unique combination of components beneficial for the skin, including omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, proteins, peptides and strong antioxidants. The extract is sourced from cold nutrient-rich waters off the Norwegian coast and has even been shown to redirect cells into displaying “younger” appearance in vitro.

This video may look boring at first glance but if your skin could regenerate like this, would you look a little closer? Think about it. Aging is caused by two things (1) a slowing in cell turnover and (2) a decline due to environmental stressors. If your skin has healthy fibroblasts – the connective tissue in your skin that secretes collagen and elastin – your complexion is plump and healthy. This video demonstrates the amazing stimulatory effect of our Arctic Red Caviar (Lex) on regeneration of skin fibroblasts—the cells responsible for replacement of collagen and elastin and extra-cellular matrix. Have we got your attention now? 

Arctic Red Caviar contains substances that activate skin cells to produce two crucial skin collagens; collagen 1 and 3. It works in a different way than vitamin C, which cleaves newly synthesized so-called procollagens into collagens that then create collagen fibers. The Arctic Red Caviar digs deeper than that – to the core or the nucleus, as we call the cell core. It affects the DNA in the nucleus to enhance the production of collagen RNA, which subsequently will be translated to protein. This means that new collagen protein molecules are produced inside the cells and are secreted into the dermis to keep skin firm. However, the story does not end here. The anti-aging effect of Arctic Red Caviar is not limited to the collagen effect; it also increases hyaluronic acid secretion and elastin production in the skin fibroblasts. Both of these are also essential for keeping a youthful appearance.


As most data in cosmetic science, these findings are based on laboratory research. However, at the end of the day, it is the results in the clinic (in human skin) that prove really interesting. Therefore, it is crucial to move the research from the laboratory bench to the clinicSapelo’s Spring Tide Serum’s Arctic Red Caviar has been investigated in a placebo-controlled randomized double-blinded (double-blinded meaning that neither the examiner nor the volunteer knows which treatment they receive) clinical trial with 66 healthy volunteers, which revealed that while placebo had no effect, Arctic Red Caviar showed significant anti-aging effects within two to four weeks. Fine lines and wrinkles were reduced, and the skin had a more even tone. The skin was also brighter and more hydrated.

Randomized double-blinded clinical studies with objective skin parameter assessments are rare in cosmetics, and even rarer are peer-reviewed publications of investigations of cosmetics in scientific journals. Peer-reviewed means that an external, objective expert panel has reviewed and approved the article before it goes in press. The clinical trial with Sapelo’s Spring Tide Serum with Arctic Red Caviar was published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science by the invention and research team at the Norwegian biotech company, Regenics AS. These investigations have been reviewed with critical eyes by external experts within the same research field in order to avoid low-quality research to be published. The article describes and discusses the composition, safety and the clinical efficacy trial of the Arctic red caviar; for further reading, find the article at PubMed3.

Sapelo co-founder Stephanie Duttenhaver says, “In developing this product, we were looking for something that could give you the same anti-aging results as retinol, but without the irritation and with true restorative benefits”4, and the Arctic Red Caviar could not meet this criterion better. The extract has been tested in different dermatological clinical studies to assess irritation and sensitization: it causes no irritation, or allergy. All volunteers involved in the studies scored zero on all safety parameters. This is a major benefit for the user, particularly users with sensitive skin.

The ten-year research story of the Arctic Red Caviar is based on ideas and observations from stem cell research, the Nordic heritage of cold pristine waters and nutrient rich fjords as well as the unique content of the Arctic Red Caviar. Arctic Red Caviar is therefore not like any other generic active ingredient, and Regenics is the sole provider of this arctic gold. We are proud to work with Sapelo Skin Care in expanding their range of natural luxurious skin care products with their Spring Tide Serum. Sapelo wants to give their customers a product that works - it is all about efficacy.

Sapelo Skin Care has developed a  natural yet results driven product with the full 5% concentration of Arctic Red Caviar to maximize visible effects. Spring Tide Serum is the only skin care product to bring this healing ingredient to the U.S. market.


Written by Dr. Gry Lønne Eriksson, Chief Scientific Officer, Regenics, AS