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Finally, it feels like hope is on the horizon… Hope to safely travel, to reunite with friends and loved ones, to dine out without worry, and maybe, one day, to freely hug each other. As more and more of us are vaccinated and life slowly returns to a sense of its former normalcy, I plan to continue to indulge in my Sunday evening “spa routine,” developed during last year’s long months of quarantine…

I have always used our Anti-Aging Enzyme Mask once a week, but last year I created a sensuous spa routine to not only help my complexion, but also to ease the stress of isolation and worry. Carving out an hour each Sunday evening to take care of myself has given me time to reflect, rest, and recharge both my soul and skin! I encourage you to light a scented candle and join me in taking the time to luxuriate in your own at-home spa experience:

  • Begin by gently cleansing your face with our soap-free Gentle Seaweed Cleanser. Use a washcloth to remove dirt and debris and rinse off with water to feel instantly hydrated. This is the perfect way to prepare your face for the exfoliation and nourishment of our masks.
  • Apply our Anti-Aging Enzyme Mask, the restorative solution to gentle exfoliation. A combination of local honey and natural enzymes remove dead skin to initiate skin cell renewal and naturally reveal a glowing complexion. While the mask gently works its magic, turn on some soothing music, find a book, or flip through a magazine for 20 to 30 minutes before removing with a warm washcloth, and splashing your face with fresh water.

 Sapelo Customer Spa Experience

  • Follow by applying our Milk and Honey Hydrating Mask which provides both collagen-boosting milk peptides to promote further hydration, and natural honey to gently clarify and saturate your complexion. Again, leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes and remove with a warm cloth and splash of fresh water. 
  • This is the perfect time to complete the spa experience by treating yourself to our Milk and Honey Body Lotion. Your skin will be soothed and nourished by the special biological fusion of natural, healing ingredients.
  •  Finish by applying your normal skincare routine. Strive to use only the best ingredients in the highest quantities to ensure effectiveness. For me, of course, that’s our 3-Step Recovery System.

Sapelo customer using At-Home Spa Experience


I hope you, too, will find relaxation and restoration during a weekly at-home spa routine. Please take care of yourself. Enjoy special pricing on the Sapelo At-Home Spa Experience for a limited time. Purchase here at $199 (value $255).

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Sapelo Skin Care is a natural and clean skin care regimen inspired by Georgia's barrier islands. 


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