Sapelo Testimonial: All In The Family

Posted by Stephanie Duttenhaver on

My daughters and I started washing our faces together when they were young – long before make-up became the norm or the latest skincare trend became popular. It has always been deeply ingrained in our lives – the best makeup will never beat skin you take care of. I wanted the girls to feel comfortable in their own skin and wanted them to have the tools to keep it healthy and bright. But for years, we would drift between products. Things would stop working or we wouldn’t see results. With three different skin tones and three different skin needs, our counter was perpetually cluttered with the latest craze.

When we found Sapelo, we were able to find something that consistently worked for all of us. There were no more spring struggles, where we tried product after product for humid Southern days and no more winter woes as we tried to find something more moisturizing for the cold wind. 

We all use the three-step recovery system, but we each have our favorite products. Our family is always running in four different directions, so we love that the three-step system is easy to throw on in the morning, knowing that your skin is nourished without a lot of time but is also easy to slow down for a luxurious down-time in the evening.

I travel quite a bit with my husband and, inevitably, end up hosting an event the day after I get back from traveling. I love using the Softening Emollient while I am traveling to keep my skin hydrated and bright so I don’t need “down-time” after long flights. 

Ally-Catherine is a busy designer who just opened her own bespoke rug company, June St. George. She loves rugs because they are the foundation to a room, so it is no surprise she loves the Renewing Serum – it’s the foundation to great skin.

Elizabeth is an attorney with long days and late nights. Her favorite product is the Spring Tide Serum, which makes her skin feel renewed, no matter how long its been since she slept. She keeps one in her desk at work for the extra long days!

With Sapelo, we know that our skin is nourished, healthy and renewed every time we use our products.


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