Are You Aging Your Skin?

Posted by Stephanie Duttenhaver on

Your skin is an heirloom—delicate, glowing and worthy of persistent attention. At Sapelo, our mothers and grandmothers taught us to handle our most beloved possessions with tender care—and what is more precious than your beautiful complexion?

Would you sandpaper your inherited silver or pumice your pearls? Absolutely not. Today’s skin care trends push for chemical and laser burns and puncturing your face with a thousand tiny holes. Not only are these treatments painful, but they also damage your skin irreparably over time.

"Prevailing skin care strategies adhere to the same ethos: damage or kill the cells to initiate inflammation. As the body’s natural healing process, inflammation results in swelling and the regeneration of new cells so that your skin looks tight and renewed for a short time. But cells do not regenerate indefinitely, your skin will thin and exhaust from constant turnover. It’s not anti-aging—it’s actually accelerated aging," states John Duttenhaver, MD, Board Certified Radiation Oncologist. 

That’s why we believe in—and created—a strategy that treats your skin with care.  

Through Sapelo’s clinical research, we designed a system that replicates your immune system response by gently infusing peptides and proteins deep into the skin, bypassing the inflammation, to activate the cell rejuvenation of collagen, elastin, skin and hyaluronic acid. You no longer must puncture and burn for beautiful results, or spend weeks recovering from a small procedure--now you can get immediate results and no recovery time.

Sapelo’s 3-part system nourishes your skin to bring it back to optimum health, regenerating your cells without any damage or injury. Your skin will appear healthier, fuller and more perfect than before, and you will continue to see improved benefits with prolonged application. Not only will your skin remain luminous for many years to come, but your friends will insist on knowing what makes your skin look so young.

To us, that’s exactly the kind of wisdom that’s worthy of passing on.

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