3-Step Skin Recovery System Special with Softening Emollient

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Revitalize and rejuvenate the most damaged, dry skin in three simple steps—morning and night. 

Living in coastal Savannah, we drew inspiration for our  products from the twice-daily high tides that bring life-sustaining nutrients and water to our environment. Our 3-step regimen, used morning and night after cleansing, mimics the rejuvenating effects of the tides with hydration, stimulation and revitalization of the skin.

Step 1 is our Renewing Serum — much like the natural processes of the tide, this break-through facial serum floods the skin with nutrients, opening channels between the cells. Through a carefully selected blend of 4% hyaluronic acids, cell stimulating growth factors, anti-oxidants and hydrating seaweeds, the serum completely soaks the epidermis, basal layer and underlying dermis with intense moisturizing and repairing ingredients. In addition, multiple natural humectants work together to hold skin-plumping and tightening water in the skin for maximum hydration.

Step 2 is our Rejuvenating Cream — a luxurious blend of 65 potent ingredients that includes vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, hyaluronic acids and peptides. This ultra-rich moisturizer is packed with powerful molecular compounds and micronutrients that catalyze 6 bioactive peptides to produce healthy skin. The ingredients in the cream flow effortlessly down to the dermal-epidermal junction to initiate cell rejuvenation. Includes 2% hyaluronic acids.

Complete the process with Step 3, our Softening Emollient - an  elegant blend of three essential oils a mixture of three essential oils that work as an evaporative barrier to lock in the dermal saturation of peptides, HA’s, and stem cells. Enriched with skin softening lipids, it improves the blending of ingredients and assists in the flow of components between the cells, leaving your face dewy and glowing.

You will immediately experience a firmer, hydrated complexion without irritation, flaking or redness. In a matter of days, skin is more youthful and radiant. If you not have  dry skin or live in a humid environment, you may like to learn more about our 3-Step Recovery System Set Special with Restoring Eye Serum.  

Enjoy all 3 steps at the special price of $549.00. If used as recommended, the system should last for 90+ days. 

Our serums and oils are all packaged in an airless pump so you can enjoy every single drop. 

Sapelo’s products are cruelty-free and formulated without fillers, silicones, parabens, sulfates, GMO’s, triclosan or petrochemicals.

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