“Blow, blow thou winter wind."

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“Blow, blow thou winter wind." - William Shakespeare

Outside, our faces are bared to the cold air and wintry wind.  Inside, our faces are exposed to drying indoor heat. Together, the elements can leave our skin coarse and dry. What can we do with such harsh winter temperatures? 

After a ski trip to Aspen, Colorado, we had an idea for the perfect prep solution for winter shell-shocked skin. From the sunlight exposure to the high-altitude winds, we knew we wanted a solution that would leave our skin feeling replenished and renewed.  
We have a gentle, soothing solution: Sapelo’s Softening Emollient. 
The luxurious product was purposefully formulated with multiple lipids to add extra hydration and nourishment while working as a breathable protective barrier, to lock the goodness into your skin.  Infused with three essential oils: clove, lemongrass and rosehip, the oil blends to create an immediate dewy, glowing effect.

With so many ways to nourish and protect, it’s simple to make Sapelo’s Softening Emollient part of your daily routine: 

  • Smooth over your face and neck before brisk morning strolls or a dash down a snowy slope.
  • Mix a little drop with your face cream for extra hydration, morning or night.  
  • Blend a little drop into your foundation for a dewy finish that hydrates and protects all day long.
  • Add two drops to your body lotion after bathing or showering to create a natural evaporative barrier.

So “blow, blow thou winter wind,” Sapelo Skin Care is ready for you.

Photography by Martin Reicsh

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