“Alexa, what is the best topical anti-aging solution for your skin?”

Posted by Stephanie Duttenhaver on

Who’s talking about the healing properties of Sapelo Skin Care? Listen to Amazon’s newest beauty podcast, My Beauty Chat, as Sapelo is highlighted as "the best topical anti-aging" product available from products around the globe.  

Bringing together editors and experts, Alyssa Weiss, founder, TravelBeauty.com, Jamie Rosen, beauty editor, Town & Country and hosted by Brian Underwood, beauty editor, O magazine, the podcast explores the world of global beauty products with these industry vets. 

From St. Barts to Paris, the experts discussed their favorite products and beauty destinations—from in-flight face masks to local pharmacies—and named Sapelo Skin Care one of the most unique and essential beauty brands in the world. Citing our spectacular use of Southern-inspired ingredients and clinically tested actives, we were honored to be selected by beauty expert, Alyssa Weiss, as her choice for the best topical system available on the market.  

Want to catch the beauty chat on all things travel? Listen to the Sapelo discussion below. For the full episode, subscribe to My Beauty Chat here.



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