Skin Flooding: The Newest TikTok Trend

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 Since our launch in 2015, we have often explained how Sapelo Skin Care was initially inspired by the high tides that swell the rivers and creeks in and around Savanah twice a day. Like these twice-daily tides, our products provide a similar surge of hydration and nourishment for healthy skin cell development by flooding the extracellular matrix – the physical scaffold that supports skin tissue.

So, imagine our delight when we saw TikTok influencers heralding a remarkable new concept in skin care – Skin Flooding. Maybe not so “new” at all! 

Visualize a surging high tide

Photo credit: Kelli Body Photography

 Simply put, it means "flooding" the skin with hydration. This skin care discipline offers support for a rich and youthful extracellular matrix – which is comprised of healthy collagen, elastin, and adequate hydration. A well-maintained extracellular matrix increases the efficacy and absorption of products. Skin flooding allows our serums and moisturizers to flow through the ECM, delivering hyaluronic acids and other bio-active ingredients and micronutrients deep into the dermis, where skin cells are made

  We deliver key building blocks for skin, collagen and elastin 

Our Renewing Serum, the critical foundation for our regimens, is scientifically proven to deliver intense hydration and repairing ingredients to restore and heal the skin. The serum delivers a floodtide of biologically active molecules that penetrate and flow through the epidermis, basal layer and underlying dermis where new cells are made.  Mimicking a Southern high tide, the serum provides a floodtide of bioactive ingredients into the extracellular matrix, making it effortless for cell building ingredients to flow throughout the layers of skin tissue.

 We use the highest quality and highest concentraion of bioactive ingredients 

Plump it up with our Renewing Serum Ingredients: 

  • 4% hyaluronic acids for maximum hydration
  • 2 plant-based stem cells to strengthen and replenish skin cells
  • 3 amino acids for building collagen and elastin
  • Plant based antioxidants to fight skin damage that leads to aging
  • Vitamin B5

Skin flooding not only hydrates the skin completely, but it carries a carefully selected blend of cell-stimulating growth factors and micronutrients required for healthy skin rejuvenation. Infused with an abundance of bioactive ingredients, Renewing Serum works to stimulate new collagen and elastin synthesis which promotes skin density.

Used morning and night, your complexion is left soft, radiant and ready to absorb more nutrients and molecules from the next steps of your skincare routine. Purchase Renewing Serum 

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