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Guest Blog by Paula Provenzano, Master Esthetician

If you want a skin-health strategy to prepare your face for fall weather, consult your local deciduous tree.  Trees change color and lose their leaves in the fall as part of a self-protecting strategy.  If left intact, the large surface area created by the foliage would allow the evaporation process to continue during the winter months, essentially stripping all the moisture from the organism.

A similar phenomenon takes place with our skin.  The outer-most layers (sometimes as many as 30) protect and help our skin retain moisture.  If, however, they are “past due” for removal, they become inefficient at holding onto moisture and can actually prevent the absorption (and thereby the benefits) of the application of your moisturizer.

Fall is the perfect time to follow the tree’s lead and shed those unwanted and unneeded layers of skin.  Healthy young skin naturally pushes those dead skin cells off the surface about every 28 days, but that number increases as we age with cells hanging around for up to 90 days!  All skin benefits from exfoliation (see chart) and fall is the perfect time to undertake such a process as our diminishing sun exposure lessens the risk of losing those extra sun-filtering layers. 

Sapelo’s Anti-Aging Enzyme Mask perfectly replicates nature's autumnal exfoliation. It provides a gentle path to skin cell renewal that safely restores your complexion's radiance and hydration while exfoliating surface cells. Rich in all-natural, plant-based enzymes and botanical extracts, it offers a safe alternative to glycolic and retinoic acids. Luxurious Southern honey works as a vehicle to naturally smooth the mask over skin for effortless application. The result is smooth and radiant skin without the harshness of conventional exfoliating ingredients.  

To initiate the plumping of cells to retain more moisture in the dryer months of winter, follow exfoliation with our Milk and Honey Hydrating Mask with collagen boosting milk peptides and our Spring Tide Serum, infused with biological actives which stimulate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.   




Mature/Aging Skin

Removing the dry, dead cells that accumulate on the surface of mature skin assists in achieving a hydrated, firm and more youthful appearance, and also helps facilitate the absorption/performance of anti-aging products.  Exfoliation is especially effective on prematurely-aging and mature skin, as it stimulates cell renewal faster than the body can on its own. 

Dry/Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated, dry skin has a lack of moisture which leaves it feeling tight and stretched. Many tend to over moisturize, which slicks the older skin cells down, leading to a dull, uneven skin tone. Through exfoliation, dying skin cells are removed, and moisturizing and hydrating ingredients from quality skin care products can penetrate deeper to help ease dry and dehydrated skin conditions without having to apply a heavy layer of cream.

Acne/Problematic Skin

Oily/Acneic skin produces five times more dead skin cells than other skin conditions. The combination of hardened sebum and dead skin cells clog the hair follicle and contribute to acne. Proper exfoliation can have great benefits for problematic skin types. By removing the congestive layer of matter, pores are less likely to clog allowing for a fresher, smoother more refined complexion.

Hyperpigmented and Sun Damaged Skin


Caused by sun damage and/or hormonal changes, Hyperpigmentation is an increase in melanin which causes dark patches or spots on the skin. Exfoliation helps shed these darkened cells at a faster rate.  It also prepares the new skin for more effective penetration of treatment products that can lighten skin, and decrease melanin production.



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