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When Stephanie and I began the development of Sapelo Skin Care it was out of our desire to create something for ourselves.  I was quickly approaching a milestone birthday with all of the “ups and downs” and emotions that occasion seems to bring.  My skin was changing, but when I looked around I really didn’t like the choices I had to slow down the clock.

I had always been taught to take care of my complexion – very little sun and face cream every night. However, I began to see those little lines and I knew more were coming.  As I pondered the options and spoke with other women, I realized that many of my friends were embracing a new and popular regimen that promoted bleaching and burning off that top layer of skin to create new cells. I jumped on the bandwagon too.  This “new standard” produced results: red, flaking, dry skin.

I soon realized that this result was not very appealing to me and, and I didn’t really care for the results I saw on others either.  It seemed a vicious cycle and I wondered when I would magically wake up with that soft, dewy, youthful glow that I’d been promised.  It never happened.

The insult of the harsh chemicals increased my rosacea and led to a problem of periorbital dermatitis. 



The research behind Sapelo’s creation led us to formulate a clean product that combined science and nature. We took our time and did our homework.  We tried hundreds of products and carefully noted what we liked and didn’t like.  We wanted to figure out a way to encourage new skin without ANY injury. 

Instead of tearing up our complexions with harsh ingredients we wanted to gently nourish our skin to encourage new, healthy cells.  By introducing carefully selected bio-active peptides we targeted every molecule and knew exactly what that molecule needed to stimulate collagen and elastin.  All the while we focused on what we knew: Gentle, high-quality ingredients, free of metals and plastics, would yield long-term, beautiful results.  We were committed to produce products that could build up our skin cells with nourishing ingredients. 

We also wanted to heed the lessons that had been discovered and passed down by so many southern women before us. Women that never used lasers and fillers to achieve that beautiful, soft, dewy skin.  Instead they gently shielded their face from harsh elements like the sun and wind.  We knew that the combination of the latest scientific ingredients combined in a natural, gently formulation would resonate with other women just like us. 

The result was our 3-Step System developed in 2015.  By far the most amazing regimen that I have ever used, it is filled with only the best, high-quality ingredients that gently hydrate and encourage beautiful, healthy skin.  We use the most up-to-date and effective peptides that target everything that you need to produce healthy skin cells for the best, most beautiful and long-term results.


While I love everything in our line, the Rejuvenating Cream is my favorite product.  It has changed the way my complexion looks and the way that I feel about it.  My rosacea is gone.  No more periorbital dermatitis breakouts. Fine lines have been greatly diminished. For the first time since my forties my skin looks hydrated and has a dewy glow. The magnolia oil has helped to naturally diminish my aging spots. The hyaluronic acid gives it that bounce-back feel that I love.  I feel good knowing that it has the best of everything in one little jar to create more elastin, collagen and beautiful new, fresh skin cells. Imagine 65 high-quality ingredients and absolutely no fillers or junk! And, we use the highest quantity of those great ingredients so that you are truly getting a value.  The cream lasts me almost three months and the longer you use it the less that is required to maintain those fabulous results.

This month, my birthday is rolling around again and we are happy to offer you a special rate to introduce you to my favorite product: Sapelo’s Rejuvenating Cream.  Use the code (BIRTHDAY) for a 25% discount and prepare yourself for a wonderful new skin care regimen that will change the way you - and others - see your new, confident, beautiful and glowing complexion! This code expires on September 30, 2020. 

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