2-Step Skin Recovery System

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Sapelo’s 2-Step innovative regimen is formulated to provide a natural, anti-aging skin care system for rejuvenation and hydration that most closely replicates the body’s natural healing response to injury but without the injury. The simple system, used morning and night, offers a gentle, long-term solution for beautiful, healthy skin. 90+ days of luxurious nutrition, hydration, and conditioning. Your package includes: Renewing Serum and Rejuvenating Cream. 

Product details:

Step 1:  Renewing Serum  —  water-based serum floods the skin, opening the channels in the extracellular matrix to quickly deliver a deeply penetrating blend of cell-stimulating growth factors and micro-nutrients required for healthy skin rejuvenation. The serum, a synergistic breakthrough that utilizes two plant-based stem cells, hydrates your skin, plumping the skin and preparing it for application of our luxurious cream.

Step 2Rejuvenating Cream  — now that your skin is ultra-hydrated, our luxurious cream melts into your skin like butter. A rich blend of 65 potent ingredients including five powerful peptides, vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, hyaluronic acids, and ceramides that work together leaving your skin as soft and supple as it was in your youth. The face cream, infused with the highest quality and the highest quantity of ingredients, has no harsh skin-burning ingredients.

Nature at work: The two-step system was developed to replicate your body’s natural, healing response to injury and damage. Blending emerging discoveries in the science of skin rejuvenation with a tradition of gentle Southern beauty philosophies, Sapelo’s simple system provides a gentle yet effective alternative to skin-irritating acids and procedures. Inspired by the twice-a-day ties off the coastal Georgia barrier island, Sapelo’s two-step system provides a surge of nourishment and hydration for healthy skin cell development, resulting in a dewy, airbrushed finish.


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