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At Sapelo Skin Care, we challenge the dogma of contemporary skin care solutions that retinols and hydroxyl acids are the ‘Gold Standard’ for skin regeneration and anti-aging. Like their first cousins, laser and abrasion, acids work by injuring the skin, creating acute and chronic inflammation. Inflammation is a biological response to harmful stimuli. It is the body’s immune system that responds to this damage by releasing a cascade of healing cytokines. The cytokines (a type of peptide) rush to aid the body in replacing the injured collagen, elastin and skin cells. Inflammation creates low grade edema or swelling which makes wrinkles temporarily disappear. We believe the daily application of caustic acids and the habitual use of injurious dermatological procedures actually accelerates aging and speeds up the moment where our skin cells enter their senile phase and exhaust their capacity to repair. It isn’t anti-aging – it is accelerating aging.

At Sapelo, we acknowledge there is a short-term benefit to skin injuring procedures and acids. We embrace your body’s natural ability to repair by gently infusing the same bio-active peptides produced by our immune system in response to injury. Developed under the guidance of two board-certified physicians and a veteran cosmetic scientist, Sapelo is the only skin care system that accurately mimics the body’s immune response, to work in harmony with the body’s regenerative power. Sapelo works WITHOUT the injury and subsequent inflammation which accelerates aging.

Healing and Rejuvenation without Inflammation

In 2012, we started by asking a simple question, “Do we need to damage our skin to rejuvenate new skin cells?” We set out to research and produce a skin care system that replicated a healthy immune system response without injuring the skin. Three years later, we launched our 3-StepSkin Recovery System that faithfully mimics this process by gently infusing healing peptides, molecules and other micro-nutrients without damaging the skin. 

Youthful skin is a result of active and natural cellular reproduction at the dermal and epidermal junction, combined with a rich extra-cellular matrix of healthy collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and adequate hydration. Used together, our scientifically designed regimen improves skin quality at the cellular level without injuring the skin. Our method delivers a gentle cascade of cytokines that mimic the immune system response to injury and addresses inflammation due to sun, heat, and free radical damage and the regeneration of dry skin due to hormonal milestones. The result is a hydrating, nutrient-rich surge twice daily that promotes healthy reproduction of skin cells to actually thicken and realign your skin as it was in your youth. 

The Innovative Science Behind Sapelo

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