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Sapelo Spa Collection

Sapelo offers a bespoke spa experience for directors, estheticians, and their guests. The brand delivers high performance treatment protocols with limited retail investment. 

Sapelo Skin Care offers 9 Retail Products and multiple Professional Products products for ultra-customization.

Sapelo’s healing therapies brighten and restore radiance and luminosity, leaving complexions beautifully rejuvenated with no irritating acids, harsh exfoliation, or damaging chemicals. Providing a gentle surge of nourishment and hydration for healthy skin cell development, the brand is truly in the vanguard of skin rejuvenation. 

The spa treatments highlight our luxurious retail products and regimens while offering your guests an unparalleled skin care routine whose benefits will be felt and seen long after their treatment is over. 

Sapelo is the perfect line to delight your guests with a luxurious and unique experience.