Radiant dewy skin—yes, please! Meet your new routine.

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Selecting a skin care regimen can be daunting. It’s difficult to differentiate between products and procedures that are effective and those that are not. For too long, skin care has been dependent on “quick-fix” strategies like microdermabrasion and acid peels. While these practices will certainly give you an instant glow, they damage the skin and lead to long-term harm. This is because that glow is caused by inflammation, not proper health and hydration.

Sapelo has a gentle and healthy way to provide you with a long-term solution for the radiant, glowing skin you are seeking.

  1. How does it work, you might ask?  Essentially, we challenged the idea that burning and injuring the skin is necessary to initiate cell regeneration. So, we researched and studied the body’s immune system response—which is a biological cascade of special peptides called cytokines. We successfully crafted a regimen that faithfully copies those peptides and molecules. Sapelo’s serums and creams activate the regeneration of skin, collagen and elastin, WITHOUT damage. You heard that correctly: Our products replicate the immune system response to injury BUT without the injury.

Ready to see dramatic improvements? Meet our top three!

Step 1: Renewing Serum

Start with our Renewing Serum, which delivers a rich surge of hydration and nourishment to the skin. This formula not only hydrates the skin completely, but carries a carefully selected blend of cell-stimulating growth factors, micronutrients and hyaluronic acids to initiate healthy skin rejuvenation. Simply put, this serum moisturizes and heals damage from prior harmful practices by tightening the skin. It quickly penetrates the surface of your skin, prepping your complexion for Step 2.

Step 2: Rejuvenating Cream

Now that our serum has created healthy, plumped moisture channels in your skin, the effective ingredients in our Rejuvenating Cream can flow effortlessly into your skin to accelerate the bio-active process of cell rejuvenation. Remember that cascade of special cytokines? Well, this is where our five cell-stimulating peptides start their work. Prepare yourself for dewy, radiant skin! Our cream works around the clock to activate the production of new collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and skin cells. And it also reduces glycation—a harmful biological process resulting from excess sugars in the bloodstream that causes loss of proper protein function and impaired elasticity of skin tissue. In other words, sugar intake can increase your propensity for wrinkles and fine lines.

Step 3: Softening Emollient

The third step in your new routine is our Softening Emollient. Your skin is flush with hydration and nourishment, but why stop there? Our emollient’s proprietary blend of essential oils adds an extra smooth boost to assist the serum and cream ingredients in reaching even the driest and most damaged skin. The emollient also acts as a protective blanket over your enriched complexion to prevent evaporation of hydration. A tiny drop of this product will leave your skin dewy and glowing. Hello youthful, radiant-looking skin!

Maintaining a daily skin care routine is vital in creating a healthy complexion. With Sapelo’s 3-Step System, you will see immediate results that last. Let us introduce you to Sapelo Skin Care, where Modern Science meets Southern Wisdom. Ready to meet your new routine? Schedule a consultation to learn more!

Want to better understand the process of glycation and how it affects your body? Read more at SCIENCEDIRECT.COM.

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