Do Fillers Make You Look Younger?

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How Moon River and Audrey Hepburn inspire us

On these cooler nights, we watch more movies. Sometimes a vintage Audrey Hepburn film makes it into the lineup… and there she is with her perfectly knotted scarf, her hair pulled back, her doleful eyes…how naturally lovely she is.

And just think, she looked her best well before the craze of dermal fillers. Her number one beauty secret was reportedly a simple one. She was sure to stay hydrated.

Smart woman.

Water, fresh vegetables, and her favorite – juicy, in-season fruits like melons in summer and oranges in winter – are all essential for hydration and good for the skin. It feels validating when the old wisdom holds true and offers us guidance, doesn’t it? Brava, Audrey!


So what about modern, fast-track solutions like fillers? We’re all aging and looking for advice and answers for the best path forward.

The Sapelo Skin Care founders recently shared a story about meeting a woman whose skin appeared thin and dry, yet her lips and cheeks had that “poofed-up” unnatural look from fillers. Would this be her plan for the years to come? It was clear that she hadn’t thought there might be another way.

The truth is, we’d all look and feel better with hydrated, healthy skin. And even though it can feel as if everyone else is on the fillers’ bandwagon, there are healthy alternatives.


First used a few decades ago, dermal fillers (also known as facial filler or esthetic injections) are gel-like substances injected with a needle under the skin’s surface. Results can last weeks or months. Patients turn to fillers as a quick fix for wrinkles and to restore the face’s youthful plumpness.

Beyond the intended (or unintended) changes in facial appearance, frequent side-effects include swelling, stiffness and bruising from the trauma of having a needle injected into delicate facial skin. Less likely but possible complications can include infection, granuloma (lumps of filler under the skin), migration of filler from where originally placed, necrosis, and discoloration if filler is inadvertently injected into blood vessels.

Some filler can be dissolved with a new injection if there’s a problem, but some can’t.


The good news is that Sapelo Skin Care’s line of hydrating products are created precisely to enhance the quality, health, and appearance of the skin.

And inflammation is never involved.

Our precise formulas of marine and botanical ingredients naturally stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Instead of damage and inflammation, you will instantly notice that your skin is more hydrated and radiant. The improvements accumulate and accelerate with prolonged and disciplined use of Sapelo Skin Care – a twice-daily ritual that soothes and replenishes.


Watching Audrey Hepburn sing “Moon River” in Breakfast at Tiffany’s we think of home. Each day, our founders cross the actual Moon River that inspired Savannah-born lyricist Johnny Mercer.

And just as the ebb and flow of the twice-daily tides cleanse, bring nutrients and restore the natural habitat of the river and its marshes, our founders believe that Sapelo Skin Care’s twice-daily treatments will restore and renew aging skin - without the artificiality of fillers.


                                                             Photograph by: Kelli Boyd 

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Sapelo Skin Care is a luxurious collection of natural products that blend emerging discoveries in the science of skin rejuvenation with a tradition of gentle Southern beauty philosophies. Inspired by the twice daily tides off the coastal Georgia barrier islands, Sapelo products provide a surge of nourishment and hydration for healthy skin cell development. The results are unique because they restore without first damaging your skin. Infused with a botanical profusion of Southern inspired ingredients, Sapelo replicates the body’s immune response with a gentle cascade of biologically active peptides and cell signaling molecules. The improvements accumulate and accelerate with prolonged and disciplined use – a twice a day ritual that replenishes and rejuvenates skin. Their product line, manufactured in Savannah, Georgia.

 Written By: Sandy Lang

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