Co-founder talks candidly about the passage of another year

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Pausing the Clock of Aging

It is a surreal experience to realize just how quickly the years pass by. This summer, in the short span of three months, I celebrated my younger son’s wedding, my own wedding anniversary, and another birthday. I feel like time is zooming past me!

Our son Jack married a sweet young woman, Caroline, who invited me to share in the beauty preparations on the day of her wedding. The energy, excitement and youth surrounding me was intoxicating. I so enjoyed being in a room of beautiful young ladies, giggling in their matching robes, as their hair and faces were prepped for the big event. I couldn’t help but think back to my own wedding 35 years ago. A simpler time, we were married in a small southern town to less fanfare, but with the same love and happy anticipation of building a life together.

As I watched the fresh-faced bride and her bridesmaids, I thought about the beauty of their youth. Their skin was lovely – dewy, plump, and so pretty. Fortunately, Caroline has begun to use our products and appreciates Sapelo’s philosophy of taking gentle care of her complexion. I certainly wish I had been so mindful of the benefits of long-term healthy skincare so many years ago.

While special milestone events are truly wonderful, we need to slow down and be in the moment each and every day. Nurturing ourselves and our relationships is paramount in the journey of life.

That brings me back to Sapelo and to our dedication to create products that enhance complexions without stripping the skin or irritating it with harsh chemicals and preservatives. As we age and focus more on keeping ourselves and our loved ones healthy, we begin to think about the things we ingest into our bodies. I see more and more women educating themselves on the products they use on their skin. My partner Stephanie and I constantly hear from our customers about the quality of our ingredients and the positive results they achieve.

This year, I am happy to share a special birthday package discount to celebrate both my birthday and the addition of a lovely daughter to our family. I hope you will take this opportunity to not only order a set for yourself, but also one for that special daughter, niece or young woman in your life. 

Renewing Serum and Rejuvenating Cream

Now through September 22
Sapelo's 2-Step Skin Recovery System $395 (regularly priced at $495).
At checkout, please use the code CAROLINE to celebrate this special savings and to begin using a skin care routine that will change the way you feel about your complexion as the years begin to pass.


Get ready for radiant, healthy, dewy skin that is refreshed and rejuvenated. While we may not be able to stop the clock, we can certainly help you to pause it!

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