6 Reasons to love Sapelo

Posted by Stephanie Duttenhaver on

Co-Founders Duttenhaver and Edwards

1. We are woman-owned and operated

Developed by us for us in 2015. 


Magnolias and Gardenias  

2. We use the highest quality & concentration of southern-inspired ingredients

Think magnolia oil, gardenia stem cells, southern honey, Atlantic seaweed, oyster shell calcium and sea lavender oil. 


Sapelo Lab  

3. We manufacture & ship from Savannah, GA 

From creation to completion, Cindy and Stephanie oversee every fine detail of Sapelo's small-batch production. 


Results driven without acids  

4. We heal & restore skin without creating inflammation

Our products mimic the natural miracle of healing and restoration, without the damage and burning of dermabrasion, micro-needling and chemical peels.  


Amazing results 

5. We know the results will amaze you 

A morning and evening surge of nourishment and hydration deliver effective anti-aging skin care that is both healing and gentle.  


Luxurious value 

6. Our value is unbelieveable 

Our customers are always delighted at how long our products last.

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