Southern wisdom

Beauty Philosophy

Our founders discovered that popular anti-aging solutions such as dermabrasion, micro-needling and chemical peels damage and injure the skin through heat, cutting, abrasions, punctures, or burns.

They asked, “What was the reason for tearing and burning skin? Why assault and attack skin in order to heal it? Isn’t the redness, inflammation and pain signaling something is wrong?”

It seemed a paradox.

Embracing generations of southern beauty philosophies, they instinctively knew that skin should be treated gently and with respect.

Simply put, these procedures damage skin first in order to make it heal…The damage initiates a biological process that ultimately repairs and rejuvenates the injured skin. 

Teaming up with their physician husbands to understand the biological process of this immune response, Cindy and Stephanie became determined to engineer a skin care ritual that would mimic the natural miracle of healing and restoration, giving women the same results without any downtime. 


Behind the Brand


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