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That wash of tides is essential.

And in Savannah, the founders of Sapelo Skin Care have been paying attention—to rivers and creeks that swell with high tides twice each day. Stephanie Duttenhaver and Cindy Edwards also heed lessons of generations of southern women to be gentle and careful with their skin; a heritage often overlooked in today’s hyper-popular trends of repeatedly inflaming the skin with quick-fix dermabrasion procedures and chemical peels. Following cues from tides and tradition, they’ve crafted a contemporary, twice-daily ritual that soothes and replenishes—bringing surges of nourishment and hydration for healthy cell development.


The Beauty and Wonder of Skin

At Sapelo Skin Care we know the beauty and wonder of the human body’s ability to heal and repair from injury. Our scientific formulations exemplify our philosophy of replicating the body’s natural rejuvenating process. In distinct contrast, the prevailing trends in skin care utilize injury to initiate rejuvenation. At Sapelo, we challenge that dogma. Retinols, hydroxals, blue light, lasers, abrasions, peels and micro-needling are all promoted as anti-aging solutions, yet they begin by causing injury to the skin. We believe the habitual use of these strategies speeds up the moment where our skin cells enter their senile phase and exhaust their capacity to repair.

Healing and Rejuvenation without Inflammation

At Sapelo, we started by asking a simple question, “Can we reproduce a healthy immune response without first injuring the skin?” We set out to research and produce a skin care system that replicated the bioactive cascade of peptides (called cytokines in immune terminology) initiated by the body’s immune system in response to skin injury. Our regimen faithfully mimics this process by gently infusing healing peptides and molecules without inflammation. Precisely formulated in small batches, our 3-Step System delivers a hydrating, nutrient-rich surge twice-daily to your complexion.

Step 1

Our Renewing Serum floods the skin, creating a surge of hydration through the extracellular matrix to quickly deliver a deeply penetrating combination of gardenia stem cells, 3 hyaluronic acids and humectants.

Step 2

Our Rejuvenating Cream is blended with 5 bio-active peptides that work to (A) build new proteins for new skin cells and to (B) create packages of collagen and elastin that are transported to the membrane of each cell and released into the extracellular matrix.

Step 3

Our Softening Emollient hydrates with organic and naturally occurring lipids and essential oils. It encloses and protects the bio-active ingredients in Steps 1 and Step 2—so no evaporation of key molecules.

Formulated without fillers, silicones, parabens, sulfates or petrochemicals, and are cruelty free.

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