Size: 1 oz (30ml)                              $195.00

In Savannah, the Southern spring tide signals the season of rebirth and renewal. This nourishing surge tide coincides with a full moon, flooding the wetlands of Savannah with nutrients to last the year through. Sapelo’s Spring Tide Serum, the latest addition to our all-natural, wonder anti-aging line, mimics this natural phenomenon. Our revolutionary serum flows through the dermal layers of your skin like water swells through the marsh. As the ‘tidal serum’ comes in, the serum boosts luminosity and hydration, as the tide rolls out, it leaves your complexion plumped with visibly fewer wrinkles, redness and pigmentation.

It is formulated with high concentrations of a potent cocktail of proteins, peptides, amino acids, active Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins A and E, as well as selenium, magnesium, copper and zinc, all derived from a cosmetic marine active from Norway.  

Skin is a biological tissue that responds, repairs and grows under the influence of other biological molecules designed by nature to help restore healthy tissue. The highly-concentrated extract that we use is taken from unfertilized salmon eggs (i.e., no life). Eggs from any species contains all of the essential nutrients necessary for active healthy growth. This highly bio-active cosmetic ingredient is extracted using an all-natural organic solvent which stabilizes the extraordinary biologic activity. It dramatically increases collagen by 350%, boosts elastin by 120%, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and minimizes redness and irritation.

Our Spring Tide Serum is the only product on the US market to contain this powerful ingredient and results can begin to be seen in as little as two weeks and has proven to transform skin in eight weeks. This key ingredient offers our customer access to an extraordinarily effective skin care product with scientifically proven results in a Phase III, Randomized, Placebo Controlled, Double-Blind clinical study. It is completely safe and cruelty-free.

The serum also has multiple applications. It is an excellent, non-abrasive alternative to undergoing a chemical peel, microdermabrasion or laser treatment. These procedures burn and damage the skin in order to initiate repair whereas this serum works to naturally repair the dermis without harming it. In fact, the Spring Tide Serum is prescribed as an ideal post-procedure skin care product. It is extremely gentle and can be applied to nourish and protect your skin as it undergoes the healing process.

The Spring Tide Serum can be used as a stand-alone product at night or as part of a morning and night skin care regimen such as our 3 – Step Skin Recovery System.

After cleansing, apply at bedtime. Pump twice onto fingertips and gently pat into skin before Sapelo’s Rejuvenating Cream.